Asha is a self-educated artist and creator residing in Cincinnati, Ohio. Asha wields her personal identity as a queer, African American woman within her practice, exploring social justice themes, such as race, sexuality, and mental health. While her primary medium is oil paint, Asha also engages in multimedia projects both which strive to unite diverse populations through shared experiences and common narratives, facilitate understanding and promote change.
From a young age Asha remembers drawing and painting as a method of creative and emotional self-expression. Though her roots were grounded in Cleveland, Asha resettled in Cincinnati, ultimately graduating from the University of Cincinnati with her bachelor’s degree in communications, a minor in women’s and gender studies, as well as a certificate in public relations. Following her undergraduate career, she pursued a profession in banking, quickly ascending the corporate ladder. Despite finding success in her career, Asha felt increasingly dissatisfied with her life and began to struggle with her mental health. In 2017, Asha began her journey of self-discovery, departing from the corporate world, further pursuing her purpose and reconnect to her artistic practice and passion for the arts. 
Since 2017, Asha has emerged as an artist, dedicating her life to her creative practice. She is an active participant in the local art community, collaborating with local artists, frequently displaying her artwork in both local and regional exhibitions. She engages in service at local arts organizations and creates public murals which enrich the community. In June 2020, Asha had the opportunity to participate as one of 17 local artists on the “Black Lives Matter!” street mural in front of city hall in downtown Cincinnati. Upon the completion of the “Black Lives Matter!” mural Asha was asked to partner with Elementz, using her knowledge of mural creation and skills in exhibition curation to create two projects in late 2020. These projects included curating a digital community exhibition focusing on the effects of COVID-19 through the eyes of the original neighbors of OTR.  In addition to her curator work with Elementz, Asha also completed a mural inside of Elementz, telling the story of how 2020 impacted the African American Community. Other public work includes designing a bourbon barrel currently situated outside Pompilio’s Italian Restaurant in Newport, Kentucky. From 2018 to 2019, Asha also served in a position as the gallery curator and coordinator at The Mohawk Gallery in Over-The-Rhine, Cincinnati, Ohio.  In February 2019, Asha curated “Manifestations of Time: The African American Experience” which contemplates how time has manifested within and informed the contemporary black experience. 
Similar to so many people during the pandemic, Asha struggled to navigate mental, emotional, and social adversities. Asha began to reflect on her mental health and challenged others to document their own through her “Moody Monday” painting series.  She believes art is therapeutic, meditative, and restorative, therefore, can facilitate positive mental health through creative self-expression. 
In the summer of 2021, Asha exhibited a portion of her “Moody Monday” series in a small group exhibition titled “Coping Mechanisms”, with Fresh A.I.R. Galley in Columbus Ohio focusing on the intersectionality of mental health and racism. In addition to being featured in “Coping Mechanisms”, in the summer of 2021, Asha also had the opportunity to exhibit work at Kennedy Height Art Center and Wyoming Fine Arts Center. In addition to exhibiting art at various venues in 2021, Asha also served as project manager for Black Art Speaks 2nd annual block party over the “Black Lives Matter” mural at City Hall. In this role Asha worked to coordinate vendor’s, talent, and activities prior to and during the block party event
In December 2021, Asha was awarded the Truth and Reconciliation grant from ArtsWave, created for Black and Brown artist to continue to interpret the themes of our times. Asha’s project: “Mood Altering”, explores how the Black experience effects and alters mental health. Its goal is to convey better cross-cultural understanding of the links between mental health and racism and begin the process of healing by breaking the stigma of mental health in the Black community as we speak truth to our experiences. This work will be showcased in Cincinnati in July 2022. Additionally, this work is committed to Fresh A.I.R. Gallery for a second iteration of “Coping Mechanisms” in Fall 2022. Fresh A.I.R gallery is a project of Southeast Healthcare in Southeast Ohio. This exhibit will be held at Otterbein University in Westerville OH. Otterbein was selected as one of 23 universities to host Truth, Racial Healing, and Transformation Campus Centers across the U.S. 
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